EDEA Balance Ice Skating Blade

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New Edea blades designed to match perfectly our Brio and Motivo boots.
A shiny Chrome finished ice skating blade, with a flatter profile specifically designed for the improving beginner to increase stability and aid learning.

Made from high quality Carbon Steel with 8’ Rocker and ½’’ Radius of Hollow.
4 slots for more accurate ice skating blade mounting.

Sizes 7″ – 11 1/3″ (1/3″ increments)

Skaters balance on 3mm ice blades as they skate. These 3mm ice skating blades need to perform jumps, spins, arabesques, turns and axles as the skater strives for gold.
Ice Skating Blades are essential to any performance as the skaters balance and support depend on them.

Correct positioning means maximum performance and the most comfort. Even with a tiny fractional misalignment performance can be affected and the risk of injury increased due to poor posture.
Because they are so crucial we suggest ice skating blades are only mounted by skilled technicians with experience.
Edea have worked to maximize the performance of their boots.
Because of the specially designed sole Edea boots require shorter ice skating blades.
This means reduced drag increasing the power ratio for the skater and increased maneuverability.
This provides any skater an enormous advantage when performing step sequences and changes of direction.
To maximize performance the ice skating blade should match the pressure points from the foot and so should run the length of the boot from tip to heel.

To ensure the correct ice skating blade size is chosen we’ve included a table below showing the size of ice skating blade required for the shoe size whether via the 1/3” or ¼” sizing system.