How do I measure my feet and what size do I need?

At Skates Australia we have an easy Sizing Guide to help:
 How To Measure pdf

You can visit EDEA for different techniques used and details on getting your right size:


What size ice blades?

 Edea Blade Size Guide pdf

this attachment is a very generalised chart - please use it 'purely as a guide'.

Always receive your boot first, check the fit before purchasing you blade or roller plate. Please check with your coach on these items as there are many different opinions on sizing, models and mounting styles.

Which socks could I use while skating?

Our suggestion comes from the experience. We noticed that in a growing foot when people fit boots a bit larger they use cotton socks to hold the foot inside the boot. However, when the boot is right to measure then we suggest you use a microfibre sock enveloping the foot, it easily slides inside the shoe with no folds, and it dries up quickly.

Need More Information, please go to Edea Skates Home site in Italy

Choose section = Roller or Ice

Which model should I choose?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer, as there are several factors that determine the choice of a style and stiffness:

  • Physical factors (age, weight, height)
  • Technical factors (skating level, weekly training hours)
  • Habits (type, characteristics, strength as so far used boots)

We are happy to help you in the choice, and your coach should assist you. 
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